Don't let bed bugs infest your home; call us immediately when you notice a bed bug!

Don’t let bed bugs infest your home; call us immediately when you notice a bed bug!

There isn’t anybody who wants bed bugs in their home. As you may know, bed bugs in San Clemente have been increasing. If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home then you should give us a call at (949) 485-5382 immediately.

Unlike other insects, you really cannot just forget about bed bugs. Once bed bugs are in your home, they’re going to stay until you get help from a San Clemente bed bug control professional.

Bed bugs suck your blood usually while you are sleeping. Bed bugs will pierce your skin with a stylet. They do this so they can cut through the flesh to find blood vessels. Bed bugs ordinarily eat for several minutes before returning to their hiding spot.

San Clemente Bed Bug Inspections

It’s unlikely that you’ll see the these pesky bugs without a proper inspection of your property. Bed bugs are great at keeping hidden from people. Usually, bed bugs hide in dark, small cracks and crevices near your bed. If you find blood spots on your bed sheets then you quite possibly have bed bugs. An additional indication of bed bugs is if you awake covered in small bites or itch a lot.

If you suspect a bed bug problem, then you shouldn’t continue sleeping in your home until the problem has been addressed. Our San Clemente pest control gurus are here to answer your bed bug questions! Call (949) 485-5382 today to book your consultation!

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